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How to Reach CRISP

From Main railway. station -
8 km three wheeler (auto) will take Rs 80-90 up to CRISP.

From Habibganj Railway. station -
6 km three wheeler (auto) will take Rs 60-70 up to CRISP.

From airport -
10 km and a three wheeler/taxi will take Rs 300/450 up to CRISP.

Move towords CM's Bungalow from S. V. Polytechnic square after approx 100 meter takes 1st right in front of Maanas Bhavan.


Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance (CRISP)
Opp. Manas Bhawan,
Shyamla Hills,
- 462002.
Madhya Pradesh - India
Phone : 91-755- 2661401 (6 Lines) Fax : 91-755- 4220022

Email :

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